• Naveed Chowdhury

How To Optimize Your Digital Marketing During Tet 2021

With Tet (Vietnamese New Year) around the corner, it’s not going to be like any other in Vietnam. The emergence of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 forced numerous companies and businesses to modify how they operate entirely. Since so many people now prefer to stay at home and do holiday shopping online, it's essential to know the target audience and successfully reach them. That’s why effective digital presence became imperative for 2021.

Here, we’ll look at how different brands and marketers in Vietnam can optimize their digital marketing during Tet this year. This guide will reveal some digital marketing tips of 2021 to promote your brand into a marketing triumph.

Retaining Online Presence and Engagement

This year more people are forced to remain indoors, thus spending more time online. So, during Tet, you should invest more time, energy, and resources to build better online presence and social media marketing strategies. This will allow you to effectively reach more festive seekers, increase website traffic, and increase revenue. The key to achieving this is by improving your website's primary structure and content for Google search result visibility.

Creating engaging online videos for promotion and social media campaigns is one way to ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve.

Get Discovered by Improving your SEO

The most popular marketing campaign that can boost your business in 2021 is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing tool which allows you to recognize what your consumers are looking for, i.e. keywords. By optimizing proper keywords to your website, you can rank high in the Google search result and divert additional traffic to your website.

Tet is one of the traditions where families sit together and watch entertaining videos. Since 90% of the audience is on YouTube, collaborating with YouTube content creators can direct more festive traffic to your website.

Personalize Experience

During Tết and CNY (Chinese New Year), consumers go online not only for entertainment but to find out about new products and new ways to celebrate Tet. So, it’s the best time to make customer’s experience more personalized and relevant. Hosting online Launch parties on YouTube is one way to engage with more consumers.

A new year comes with many new opportunities and recent trends, and employing the right strategies will always give you an advantage over your rivals. If you’re ready for a fresh start; make this holiday a more personalized and memorable experience for your customers.

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